Who We Are

Uncommon Labs (U Labs) is part of the media and communications firm Uncommon Union. We build web sites, mobile applications, e-commerce platforms, games, and more. As part of these offerings, we provide complete research, planning, and design services. We’ve conducted cutting edge research in artificial intelligence, built elaborate mobile applications, as well as designed traditional web sites. Our clients have included Google, Microsoft, Chipotle, 3M, Office Depot, Sony-Ericsson, Cingular, and many others. We are located in Brooklyn, New York and Minneapolis, Minnesota.

It Takes a Lab

We are experienced in planning, organizing, building, maintaining, and researching new technologies. Whether you are a lean startup or a Fortune 100 company, Uncommon Labs can provide vital services.

Small Teams

Uncommon Labs works with focused, highly accountable teams that can engage directly with the client. Focused teams of talented individuals can balance flexibility with quality, manage complex requirements, thus ensuring a successful outcome.


Ready to Collaborate

Doing excellent work means never executing poorly conceived requirements that work against the business interests of our clients. That is why we work with our clients as partners to research and evaluating projects. We seek to make our clients independent and empowered through collaboration.



We do not offshore any part of our work. Direct access to team members assures clear communication and security. When delivering value to our client depends on genuine innovation, there is simply no substitute for being in the same room.

Our Services


Web and application planning is essential to meeting demanding requirements efficiently.


Marketing, branding, communications, and strategic content development services.


We represent an experienced and highly efficient software development team.


Business outcomes and design are interdependent; thoughtful collaboration is key.


Uncommon Labs is a partner of Uncommon Union, a media and communications agency founded in 2004 by Paul Rene Johnson and Elizabeth Schaeffer Brown. Uncommon Union began as an independent digital studio that worked with agencies and cultural institutions. After building a talented, creative, and highly capable team, Uncommon Labs was founded in 2016 to complement Uncommon Union's services. Uncommon Labs focuses on technically demanding projects, including research and design.

Our Clients

Uncommon Labs has worked with many types and sizes of organizations to provide services at a variety of scales. We are experienced with meeting the challenges of innovative startups and the enterprise alike.

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